Digital Textile Art

The overall aims of the project is to establish an open dialogue between digital media, such as 3d modeling and printing and handmade techniques, such as stitching & applique. I also aim to explore the possibilities of digital design processes to create innovative textile patterns and random images.

Η ευρύτερη πρόθεση του εγχειρήματος, είναι η εκκίνηση ενός ανοικτού διαλόγου μεταξύ των ψηφιακών μέσων σχεδιασμού (όπως είναι τα προγράμματα τρισδιάστατου σχεδιασμού και οι εκτυπώσεις) και ορισμένων μορφών χειροτεχνίας, όπως είναι το κέντημα και το απλικέ.  
texnile art, digital

Floor Loom Series

Floor Loom made by reclaimed wood beams. 

Dyeing through dying

"Dyeing through Dying" started as a rather vague project based on an unclear aspiration to explore the concept of trace, especially in relation to natural dying techniques and hand-stitching.

As a textile artist, the selection of fabric as the basic background material, instead of any other material, seemed familiar, obvious and rather advantageous. Indeed, a piece of white cotton textile can acquire similar properties as the absorbent photographic paper, though in woven and flexible structure, on the surace of which marks, paths and traces can be created. My initial searching focused on several techniques and processes that stimulate living or non-living “organisms” to leave their distinctive mark. Screws, rivets, pins, bolts, tools and other iron objects are left to erode over a long period of time imbuing gradually the fabric surface with deep and sturdy stains.

Metals are certainly an essential element in my work. And though, metals are typically categorized as inorganic & non-living matter, yet I believe that they should perceived as being in a constant state of change. Gradually, metals by reacting in a sensitive way to moisture and other atmospheric conditions will be lost, but their distinctive mark will probably have the chance to create a new biography. The rust is the capture of this slow and unavoidable decay, the exuviae of a disappearing corpse.

Apart from the natural dying processes, that I consider rather arbitrary and difficult to manipulate completely, the real and more personal venture of the project is the negotiation of my identity as a craftsperson. By acquiring bodily techniques, such as time-consuming and repetitive stitching I try to add my own mark in a given materiality, to imbue the fabric with a small part of my vitality.

Rust and threads on cotton fabric

a bag conceals // a bag reveals / 03-10 August 2015

a bag conceals // a bag reveals was an international exhibition whose aim was to discover and showcase some of the most interesting textile bag creations in the world. Under the term textile fall certain techniques, such as: knitting, knotting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, patchwork, felting, macramé, etc. The exhibition focused on both the bag’s design and the design of the textile used. Combinations of different materials were accepted; however the main material should be textile. The exhibition offered an opportunity to learn how many different aspects and forms a textile bag can have.